(Author's note: This is a story of a romance written in the manner of the Romance novels of today. The men of the Seaview did not often spend much time on land. Chip's injuries in Price of a Friendship succeeded in keeping him land-bound for a number of months. It was an opportunity to develop a relationship, and foster it.  This story is an attempt to do just that.)





Linda Delaney



Chip Morton knew he was a lucky man!! All systems were up and running albeit some of them were slower than others. And he had a new appreciation for the things that we often take for granted. Simple things like talking and walking, that seem so simple, become a challenge, to be relearned! At onetime, he doubted that he would have progressed this far! He hadn't thought much about the ease of walking until he had to learn it all over again.

He was back on duty at the Institute. Will Jamison allowed him on light duty at the beginning of the week, but he still was restricted from the boat. Jamie said that canes and rolling subs did not get along! If he could only get rid of the cane...But he reluctantly admitted to himself, if not to Jamie, that he still needed it when he felt like the right leg in particular would buckle!

The daily therapy sessions( more like new torture sessions) promised to restore strength, but it was taking so long! Intellectually he knew things were improving, but his heart was wanting to be back aboard the sleek grey boat that even now lay in her berth at the dock below. Lee Crane was right!

She was a witch! She had a claim on all of them! No matter where he was or what he was doing, away from the boat for all the months, she still had a hold on his mind, and perhaps more than a bit of his heart!

The recent months away from the boat had taught him a number of things -including the respect for what is, and the promise of what could be - What could be! The best that had come out of all of this was the growing relationship with Matty Weaver!


He would never forget the look on her face when he told her that he could see again! Probably right at that moment, he knew how much she had come to care for him! He had known, long before that moment, how much he cared for her!!

Another lesson learned these past months was 'Don't let anything wait! If you want something badly enough, go for it!!!' He wanted Matty more than he had ever wanted any woman! He realized that he loved her! Something else learned- nurture relationships - He'd had the time to nurture this special relationship - a luxury he never had known before! This was the one relationship he'd been waiting for! He and Matty had had the hours to talk to one another. They'd spent a great deal of time together. And it had been her choice. He couldn't go to her…She'd come to him!

This was, finally, the right relationship. Chip Morton was in Love! Talk about self - revelation - Now he knew how Lee had felt about Cathy. And for the first time, he could really appreciate the depth of his friend's loss!!

From the beginning, when Matty first came onto the boat, he'd known that she was special! And to think that he'd thought that she would fall for Lee!! A real surprise... considering his best friend's charm with the ladies! How very lucky he'd been...how very lucky he was!!

He knew that he was in love with her, he thought that she was in love with him. They'd never said so to each other, he didn't think he was missing upon the signals that she was sending...'damn, Morton, don't be so insecure! Would she have spent all this time with you if she didn't care about you ?

But love? Matty hadn't mentioned love, then again, neither had he...He'd have to remedy that ! Tonight! They were going to see each other tonight!'



Cdr. Matty Weaver climbed the ladder to the sail. As the temporary XO of the Seaview during her new tenure at the Nelson Institute, she had come to appreciate the role of the Exec of any boat or ship. The myriad of detail that the XO was responsible for was astounding! She couldn't wait until she was able to turn the position back to its' rightful owner, Chip Morton!

'Chip! '

Whoever the Gods of good fortune were that had put her on the boat, and given her the opportunity to meet the officers and men of the Seaview, she was grateful to them! She had jumped at the opportunity to work at the Institute and on the boat!

She had, since she met him almost a year ago, now, developed at real respect, and a great fondness for Harriman Nelson. He was all the Press said about him and more! His genius, never flaunted, but simply accepted and used to the best of his ability, never ceased to amaze her! Working with him on the new electronic shielding for the boat was a joy as well as a challenge!

Then there was Lee Crane! Captain of the boat. What a complex man he was! She'd had to admit that her first impression of him was an unfair one. She smiled to herself at the memory! She thought that he was a pompous, arrogant, egotistical individual who enjoyed being always in the right! She had discovered how far from the truth she really was during the episode on the boat with Dr. Gamma. As the events of that incident had unfolded, his sense of duty, compassion, his belief in doing the 'right' thing, his dedication to his men and his 'boat', had all come to light in her eyes. She had also learned of the very deep sorrow that the Captain carried with him, because of a tragedy in his personal life, and in the last months through more difficulties and a Court Martial, she had come to like and admire Lee Crane a great deal!

Of course, the most important person that she had met in this last year was Chip Morton. She hadn't though she could ever give her heart to anyone ever again after David had been killed. David, with his huge, booming voice, and gentle touch. David, who had taught her to love, but wouldn't commit to marriage because of his ONI work! David who was so tall, so very dark and so very loving and gentle. The things that he had taught her about men and women astounded her, even today, when she thought about him. He had been well over 6'5", a big bear of a man, so her 5'11" height still seemed small to him in comparison. She had loved him with all of her being. Her work in electronics had brought her to the attention of the ONI, and to David. After David's death, ONI had recruited her and she had willingly gone to work for them, with each assignment, hoping for the end to her pain and loss. She developed a reputation for getting the job done at no matter what cost, and all of her assignments had been successful. Even the one when she'd come on Seaview for the first time.

There had been a lot of conflicting emotions after that mission! Her aide and partner, Jess Burke, was discovered to be a traitor, and Matty herself had killed her! Chip Morton had been badly wounded, and Lee Crane had been poisoned by Burke and nearly died! And Matty had found herself being drawn to the two men. She had taken a leave of absence from the ONI at that time, and gone back to Northern California where she and David had met and fallen in love. To Sausalito, and then further to Eureka, where David was buried with his sister and his parents. And after she been there and spent time and cleared away all the ghosts, she gone back to San Diego, and was sent to the African Coast by ONI.

That was where she was sent to the Seaview for a second time, this time to help Lee Crane effect a rescue of Nelson and Morton from Dr. Gamma. It seemed that Crane had called in a few favors, and Matty was sent to help because of her knowledge of Gamma's compound. The things that had happened to the two men would have destroyed others, and nearly cost Nelson his mind. Chip Morton had been severely beaten, and was still recovering. In a perverse way, Matty realized that she should be grateful to Gamma, because if things hadn't happened the way that they did, she and Chip wouldn't have had the time to get to know one another as they had!

But what Chip had gone through! No one should have to go through all that pain! She smiled to herself. He called her 'Angel'! He was so tender and loving, yet they hadn't made any commitment to each other. Was he as afraid as she was? Perhaps he was like David in that he didn't want to commit because of the nature of his work... And he saw what the work that the Seaview and the Institute did had cost Lee Crane! His wife, and his son's mother!

And months later, the pain in Lee Crane's life was still fresh. When he thought that Chip and Nelson would be lost to him as well, he's been beside himself, and had risked everything including his career to rescue them! She's helped, and they'd been successful, but the cost to Crane had been enormous, and the cost to Nelson and Morton, almost beyond measure!

Would Chip want to commit to her as much as she wanted to commit to him? They were supposed to see one another tonight, for dinner. She'd been going over to his house after work this last week for dinner. He was still easily tired out, an with so ending 6 hours a day at the Institute, plus the three hours he spent daily in therapy for his legs, he was just about able to have a light dinner and talk for a while afterward, before he had to call it a night.

She was planning a small surprise for him and hoped that he would enjoy it. She couldn't wait 'til this evening!



Chip Morton pulled up into the driveway of his house. It was twilight, and he was just plain exhausted. This had been too long a day! He had spent more time at the Institute than he'd planned, but the paper work that had built up in his absence had been enormous and once he'd gotten into it, he'd lost track of the time. That had made him late for the therapy session and made the entire afternoon run late!

He was supposed to meet Matty two hours ago, and he hadn't been able to reach her to tell her that he would be late! Damn!!! His legs hurt like hell! He was going to be lucky if he could stay awake through dinner! Damn! When would he be back to his old self?!!! This recovery felt like it was taking forever! ! He sighed heavily as he struggled to get out of the car. Right now, he was grateful for the cane, and he leaned wearily on it. He put his key into the lock and turned it. As the door swung open, he heard soft music coming from the living room. 'Maybe this was why he couldn't find Matty!' As quickly as he weary frame allowed, he made his way to the Living room to be greeted by a surprising sight! Matty Weaver was seated on the couch in front of the fire. Soft, jazz music was playing in the background. The fire was burning brightly in the fireplace. There was a bottle of wine and two half- filled glasses on the coffee table, along with a tray of what looked like cheese and crackers. He smiled to himself. Matty turned to face him and she smiled at him.

"Welcome home, Sailor!"

"Evening, Angel!"

She rose and came toward him, wrapped here arms around his neck and kissed him. warmly. He returned her kiss with one of equal warmth. She held him close for several moments and then slid her arm through his and led him to the couch.

"This is a surprise. I thought I was supposed to pick you up two hours ago?"

"I wanted to surprise you with dinner here. To celebrate the end of your first week back on duty. "

"And then I'm two hours late, and probably spoiled the dinner!" He leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips, "but I like the greeting!! "

She smiled mischievously at him. "It's not spoiled... I followed your activities today...I knew that you were running late... " He loosened his tie, and put his long, aching legs up on the coffee table. She handed him a glass of wine, kissed him gently, and said, "I'll be right back....Don't go anywhere, sailor!" He shook his head..

"Don't worry, Angel, I won't!! These legs hurt too much to go anywhere! I just may sleep right here on the couch tonight!" He listened to her moving around in the kitchen, and thought about how nice it would be for her to be with him always...He would have to act on that! But before he did anything, he sat up stiffly and using the cane for leverage, rose from the couch and went to the kitchen. Matty looked up at his entrance, and smiled.

"Checking up on me? Don't worry," she teased, "I won't mess up the order of your kitchen!"

"Hardly a worry. Just looking for those pills that Will gave me for the legs, when they get bad...like they are right now!"

"Oh! I think I moved them to get at some of the things in the spice cabinet. Strange place to keep your meds!"

"Not at all, if you don't intend to use them often....Since I don't cook that often, and don't use the spices...out of sight is out of mind! Hate to take the damned things, but tonight," he rubbed his aching thighs. "well tonight these are pretty damned uncomfortable!!!"

She moved around the island in the kitchen to his side, and kissed him lightly on the cheek, "Sorry, Chip. Didn't mean to make light of it!"

He slid an arm around her waist, and pulled her close to him. His lips brushed her cheek and he rested his face briefly in her hair. "Smells like apple blossoms, Angel." He looked deeply into those incredible turquoise eyes. "Do you know how much I love you?"

She trembled slightly. Then she shook her head. Until a moment ago, David was the only person who had said those words to her and she was shaken by the depth of commitment that she saw in his eyes. Even David hadn't looked at her that way!

Not with that kind of love! She raised her hand and gently touched his face. In a voice that became husky with emotion, she said to him, "Don't love me too much, Chip, you could get hurt!"

"Not by you, Matty!"

"No, I would never hurt you! I just don't want your love for me to cause you any hurt... I've known that hurt! So has Lee! I don't want you to know that! I don't want you to hurt, Chip...I love you too much!!"

He put a finger to her lips. "Shh! You and I both know that love hurts as much as it feels right! Right now, all that it is a good feeling! Let's not let all the could be's ruin it!!" He wrapped his arms tightly around her." Come on, let's go sit inside an talk." He leaned on the cane while he kept her closely enfolded in his other arm. They sat on the couch and she began to slowly tell him of David.....



Several weeks later, Chip pulled up to the apartment building at the Institute. It was already after 2100, and he was late again! Since going back on full duty two weeks ago, and back on the boat last week, he'd felt swamped by the work load...there was a great deal for him to catch up with!! Matty at least understood the reasons he'd been late so often, even though it didn't make it right! Well at least, they could relax with each other tonight; there were no meetings until later in the morning! He parked in the garage and went to the elevator and pushed the button for the fourth floor. Matty's apartment was one of the smaller ones in the building, but she insisted that it was spacious by comparison to her quarters in the BOQ at her last posting.

He stepped out of the elevator, and went down the hallway to her door. He knocked sharply and she opened it, and smiled at him.. "Been waiting for you!" he leaned forward and kissed her. "Sorry! My only excuse is paperwork!" he laughed and walked into the apartment.

"What do you want to do this evening?"

"I don't know. Its' such a pretty night."

She walked out to the balcony that overlooked the water. He came up behind her and slid an arm around her waist. He kissed her on the shoulder, and then moved the kisses slowly up her neck. She sighed contentedly, and turned to him, returning his kisses warmly. He released her, and after she caught her breath, she said to him, almost shyly, " I was thinking about the beach, we haven't had a walk on the beach in the moonlight. That part of the beach where you can see the Institute high on the hill. I'd like to see what it looks like in the moonlight.."

He smiled at her, again..."I'd prefer to see how you look in the moonlight on the beach! C'mon, lets' go!" he grabbed her hand and gently pulled her out the apartment door to the elevator. Once inside the elevator car, he pulled her to him and kissed her again! He only stopped when the elevator came to a halt and the doors opened. He ushered her into the car and once he was inside turned it on, put it in gear, and roared out of the garage!




They walked along the beach, lightly holding hands. It was a moonlit night, with stars filling the blue black of the sky. Both were barefoot, and they walked along the edge of the water, as the waves lapped at the shore. They were casually dressed, she in a simple camisole top and long skirt, he in a pair of jeans and denim shirt. They said nothing to each other but walked for a while in companionable silence. Reaching a secluded spot of beach, they moved upward on the sand, and sat. For a few moments more, they said nothing just stared at the ocean and sky and listened to the sound of the waves hitting the shore. She reached out ... turquoise eyes met blue ones...she ran her finger down the side of his face... "Chip..." she said tentatively.

"Yes, Matty...."

"It's a beautiful night..."


He leaned toward her, and brushed her face with his hand, bringing it to rest under her chin. He gently pulled her face towards his, and just as gently brushed her lips with his. He looked steadily into her eyes, seeking permission for more. She shifted slightly, and moved toward him, returning his kiss with one more urgent, more questing.

He gently drew her to him, and returned her kiss. She was sweetness and smelled of lavender, and he was drawn to her with a desire that had been building for months. The more he began to demand from her, the more she returned to him. He slid the strap of her camisole from her shoulder, and she shuddered with expectation. He bent his head and kissed her shoulder, slowly moving his lips up her neck. He breathed deeply of her, and she returned his touches with soft caresses of her own. Running her fingers through his hair, she lightly caressed his neck. Her hands strayed to his chest, and she slowly unfastened the buttons of his shirt. Once opened, she ran her fingers over the hard flesh, teasing, and stroking the smooth skin. He shivered at her touch and his breath caught in his throat. He unfastened the front of her camisole, and pulled back a moment to admire her breasts in the moonlight. He brushed fingers over each the nipple and felt each rise to his touch. He caressed them gently, as she lay, trembling, in his arms. He bent his head and took one quivering orb into his mouth, first, gently teasing, then becoming more demanding, worrying the one, then the other to a hardness she had never experienced before.

She moaned with pleasure, and he smiled down at her, and began to kiss her again. These kisses were even more demanding than before, and she responded in kind. Tongues met, searching, exploring, tasting of each other. His hand moved to the soft core of her womanhood and began gently stroking her. He ran his hands down the soft thighs, and explored her whole body as she lay, naked, in the moonlight.

Her hands explored his body, running down his back, over tight buttocks and to he center of his being. He groaned with the pleasure and passion of her touch. She arched her body toward his. They continued to touch, to stroke and to kiss, until they knew they needed the ultimate satisfaction, and he entered her, and rode her, gently at first, then harder and harder as their passion demanded. She felt him fill her as she had never been filled before.

She met each stroke of his, and they drove each other to higher and higher heights, until the reached the peak, of bright white starbursts, and then lay in each others arms, spent.

As they slowly stirred, she ran her hands over his shoulders, chest and stomach, pausing at the fresh scars from his recent injuries. Sighing sadly, she brushed each with gentle, fluttering kisses. She became the aggressor this time, leading him down new paths of pleasure. He lay back and her hands explored his body, as his had hers. She leaned forward and kissed him full, and more pressing than before. She wanted to become one with him and the driving need for satisfaction was pushing her to explore new behaviors. She came astride him, and both of his hands reached for her breasts, first gently stroking then, then as she leaned toward him, he began sucking hungrily, at one and then the other, his need becoming more burning, as she ground her hips rhythmically into his, holding his manhood tightly within her. She kissed him, tongues, meeting, sucking. He held her tightly above him, stroking her back, breasts and buttocks, feeling the velvety flesh, so sweet, so perfect. They rode crest after crest of new pleasure until they reached the ultimate heights in an explosion so sweet and fulfilling that that they lay there senseless.

This time he became aware first. The sound of her breathing, soft and regular in his ear, and the sound of the surf, close to them, brought his senses back to reality. He leaned over her and gently called her name. "Matty.." he slid a finger along her face, so sweet in the moonlight, "...Matty.."

She shifted slightly, and reached out for him.  "Mmmnn...yes, Chip?"

He pulled her closer, and whispered into her ear… "I love you."

She looked him directly in the eye, her turquoise eyes turning silver blue in the light of the moon...She wrapped her arms around his shoulders..."I love you, Chip Morton. I always will.!"

He pulled her to her feet, and down toward the water. They ran hand in hand to the surf, and dove in. Some time later, they came out of the surf, and fell to their knees on the beach. Chip took her face into his hands, and kissed her, gently. He was looking at her kneeling there, naked and wet in the soft light of the moon.

As he gazed slowly over her body, he saw two beads of water hanging at the tip of each of nipple. They hung there, tantalizing him, until he bent his head, and playfully licked one ,and then the other from the rosy tips. She shuddered as his tongue made contact with the sensitive flesh.

He lifted his head, and pulling her closer, whispered in her ear, "Mmmm, that was good!"

She shivered again in anticipation, and wrapped her arms around his back. He nibbled at her neck and throat, and kissed and gently bit at her shoulders. His mouth wandered again to her breasts, and he began to suckle at them as he had done earlier. She moaned softly at the delicious waves of pleasure that were washing over her. His mouth move further down, tongue exploring her stomach and he gently pressed her onto her back, as his mouth moved further down, to the tiny pearl of passion that he sought. His tongue found its target, and he gingerly licked and then sucked the tiny gem. She writhed with the exquisite sensations that rolled over her, soft cries of pleasure coming from her lips. Beads of perspiration mixed with the droplets of saltwater on both their bodies as their passions soared. Then, suddenly, the sensations stopped and he hovered over her for a moment and then entered her.

New and stronger currents of ardor flowed through her as he moved rhythmically within her, filling her and driving her to meet each of his thrusts with one of her own. They soared on wave after wave of pounding desire, until their joint climax rained bright colored explosions and darkness embraced them.

They woke as one. She trailed her fingers over his chest, he rose on one elbow, and cupping a breast in his hand and softly caressing it, he leaned over and kissed her long and deeply. He looked into her eyes, and said gently. "I think we'd better go home. Dawn's coming."

She giggled, "I guess it wouldn't do for the Seaview's XO to be caught playing naked on the beach with a wanton woman!" She jumped up and ran the few feet ahead of him to the pile of their clothes. He followed close behind and wrapped his arms around her waist, nuzzling her neck as she struggled to pull up her skirt. 'Chip...Stop!"

"Why don't you like this?" he kissed her shoulder, and trailed kisses up to her neck

She could feel his manhood beginning to rise against her, and she pulled away. "No! We'll never get back to your place if you don't stop." She laughed, and reached down to grab his jeans and threw them to him. He struggled into them as she ran toward the car, buttoning her camisole as she ran. He caught up to her as she stood by the car. Her hair was wet , her camisole so wet that it was nearly transparent, and she was smiling almost seductively at him. "Come on, get in...let's go. There are a few things that I want to finish at your place!"



She opened the door and slid into the front seat as he got behind the wheel. As he turned the key in the ignition, she leaned over and kissed him. In a throaty voice she whispered, "Hurry up, slow, poke, there are a few things that I still have to do!!" He cast her a quizzical look, but shifted the gears and sped home!!

As they approached the house, Chip pushed a button, and the garage door slid open. He drove the car right in and the door closed down behind them. Matty was out of the car as soon as the door shut. She ran for the door into the house and, and stopped him in the doorframe, by placing a hand on his chest and a kiss on his lips. "Wait right here for a minute! I'll be right back!" He smiled at her and leaned against the doorframe. He was being more and more pleasantly surprised by this amazing woman in his life!

"Ok, Chip, Come in now!!" she called. He went through the door and into his living room. It was ablaze with the light of several dozen candles. She stood by the fireplace, her wet clothes clinging to her body. The candle light cast a warm glow on her, and she smiled sensuously at him and began to slowly unbutton the camisole, one button at a time. With her other hand she gestured for him to come towards her. He willingly approached and reached for her. She met his one hand with hers and held it as she continued to remove, first the camisole and then to slide out of the skirt. She stood proudly naked in before him, in front of the fire. She was surrounded by a golden halo. She took her hand from his and ran her hands down the length of her body, teasing him, then reached for him, and pulled him closer. She reached for the waist of his jeans and opened the button at the waist band.

She slid her hands against his hips and pulled the pants open, running her hands along his lean hips and flanks as she slid the pants down. He didn't move, he was held in her spell, allowing her to do anything she wished. She came to her knees before him and kissed his flat stomach and moved down toward his rising manhood. Holding him tightly to her, she took him into her mouth and began to use her tongue to rouse him further. He groaned with pleasure as the warm, silky, wetness captured him.. He held her head as she knelt and her tongue teased and explored his manhood, and then she began at suck at it and he thought his whole being would explode with the sensations she was causing. Then she stopped and pulled at his hands and drew him down to her .

She lay back on the large pillows that were on the floor in front of the fireplace, and ran her hands down his chest and stomach, coming to rest on the wonderful hardness of him. She played with him further, and he groaned again at the feelings flooding over him. Finally when she realized that his control was at its limit, she spread her legs and pulled him toward her. He plunged into her, driven by blinding need to finish what she had begun, driving deeper into her than before. Each thrust, harder, and harder drove her closer and closer to her fulfillment. He cried out as he exploded within her and she, seconds later as she reached her peak. They lay there, limbs entwined, exhausted, and the two of them finally slept.



It was a loud pounding on the door that finally woke Chip. It was incessant and wouldn't stop. He heard his name being called loudly in between the pounding, and trying not to disturb Matty any more that the noise was, he slid from her embrace, and looked hastily around for his jeans. Seeing them on the far side of the couch, he lunged at them and pulled them on as he made his way to the door. The pounding continued, and now, more awake, he recognized the voice!

As he slid the chain and opened the door, the owner of the voice almost hit him in the face. "Enough, Lee!" He grabbed the Captain's hand in mid air. "You're making enough noise to wake the dead!" Morton said testily.

"Bad joke, Chip. I was afraid that maybe you were!!. Phone is busy, you're two hours late for the Institute Meeting, I come here, no lights, car in the garage.."

"Two hours late! What time is it?"

"Nearly 1100 hours."

"Oh shit! I'm sorry! Give me 45 minutes...no" he paused and looked back into the house "Better make it an hour! I'll be there!"

"Is everything ok, I mean, you're never late, and...."

"No everything is fine, Lee, just fine! I'll be at the Institute in an hour!"

He began to close the door and Crane put his hand on it to stop him. "Did you happen to see Matty last night?"

Morton eyed him suspiciously, "Why?"

"She's also among the missing today , and she has a 1130 meeting with the O.O.M."

"Well, I'm sure that she'll be there on time, Lee. I'll see you in an hour!"

Lee stood there as Chip closed the door, and glancing behind Morton's shoulder, saw a long slender leg pull behind the couch. Crane turned and walked down the drive, with a huge grin on his face. He got into the back seat of the Institute car.

CPO Francis Sharkey leaned back, and asked, "Is the Exec ok, Skipper? "

Crane laughed to himself and answered Sharkey. "Oh, yes, Chief, I'd say he's ok, very ok!"



Chip went back into the living room to find Matty doubled over, shaking. Alarmed he bent over, "Matty are you all right?"

She looked up at him with tears of laughter streaming down her face. "You should have seen your face when Lee asked if you knew where I was! " She reached up an ran her hand down his cheek, "You poor man, you try and keep your private life so private! It's not going to work, you know! Lee already knows! Everyone else will soon! Lighten up, my darling.!' she pulled him toward her and kissed him warmly, then she pushed away and said," The phone!"


"The phone...I'm going to be a little late for my meeting with the Admiral. The phone!"  He reached around her for the phone, found the handset and had to dig among the pillows for the base. She smiled provocatively at him, ran her tongue around her lips and put her finger on his. lips "Shh, for a minute. Then we have some business to finish." She dialed the number and waited then said, in a most business like voice "Angie, this is Matty Weaver. Could you please tell Admiral Nelson that I am running late and won't be able to get to the Institute before 1230 hours.....If he has to cancel, I'll understand....no, good then I'll see him then..Thank you, Angie." she put the handset down and turned to Morton who was looking at her in amazement. "Now, Commander, where were we?" She wrapped her arms around him and began to kiss his neck and shoulders. He started stroking her breasts, and returning her kisses, on her neck and face...

"I really have to get to the Institute...."

"Mmmmnnnn, first a shower!" She suddenly jumped up and laughing pulled him to his feet. "Last one in..." and she raced up the stairs to the bathroom. He caught a glimpse of an extremely pleasing derriere and chased after her. She was already in the shower, hot steam, coming over the glass doors..."Come on in, slow poke, we have to get to work!"

He peeled off the jeans and opened the door. She stood there in the steam, the hot water sluicing over her. "Don't just stand there, come in! Here...soap my back !"

He stepped into the shower, and took the bar of soap she offered him. She turned and offered her back to him. "Come on! Don't just stand there, do my back! " He rubbed the bar in his large hands and started to rub the soap slowly and erotically into her back and buttocks, his hands sliding to the front of her body and to her breasts and her belly. She moved back into him and laid her head against his shoulder. He continued to massage her breast in a circular motion while his other hand gently slid downward to her groin. She shuddered when he found the object of his search. With patient concentration he rhythmically stroked the tiny pearl and she moaned with pleasure and writhed against him. She could feel his manhood hardening against her back. The kisses he was raining on her neck and face were becoming more and more burning. She reached her arms around their backs and pulled him closer to her. His lips met hers, tongues tasting each other as if for the first time! She turned to face him, kissing him longer and harder, her hands playing all over his hard, muscled body, as his were all over hers.

She slid to her knees and took him into her mouth. He groaned with pleasure. Her tongue continued to tease and explore him and he leaned backward against the wall as she continued to suck and pull at him. He was being driven wild by her sweet attention. He reached down, and held her head in his hands, stroking her, and she continued to run her hands up and down his thighs and over his buttocks while her tongue and mouth continued its sweet torment. He felt her hands continue to roam all over him and then she was kissing his stomach and chest, and then her lips locked onto his and their bodies came together in the heat and steam of the shower. She lifted a leg and wrapped it around his hip, and he slid into her warm moistness. They quickly achieved a rhythm and came together in a warm, bursting explosion of water and steam.

Holding tightly to one another they collapsed to the floor of the shower, gasping...Matty looked at him and smiled and kissed him.. Very slowly she stood and gave him a hand, and he stood and wrapped an arm around her. "We have to get ready for work, Mr. Morton!."

He laughed and nuzzled again at her neck, "Let's not go at all. I can think of a great many better things to do." His hand began to stroke her breast, and she slapped it away.

She opened the door of the shower, "Go shave, I need five minutes alone here!' He pulled her face towards his and kissed her full on the lips.

"Only because I don't want you to disappoint the Admiral", and he playfully slapped her bottom, and she shrieked. She grabbed at him, but the shower door had closed. She opened it and called to him,

"You'll get yours, Morton!"

He laughed, and answered, “I can't wait!" and left the bathroom.



Matty stepped out of the shower and glanced around looking for towels. On the door she saw a terry cloth robe, and took it down. She pulled a towel from the rack, and started rubbing her shoulder length ,curly brown hair dry as she walked into the master bedroom looking for Chip.

He was facing his closet, a towel wrapped around his hips, pulling a uniform from it. He turned to look at her and smiled. He stopped his search for clothes and walked toward her, " I have an idea."

 "And that would be...?"

He reached out and pulled her to him, kissed her warmly and said, "Marry me, Matty!"

She gulped, and looked very surprised.

"Today! As soon as I can make all the arrangements!"




He kissed her more passionately, and reached for and undid the belt of the robe. He slid his hands around her back, caressing her hips, and buttocks, marveling at he smoothness of her skin, pulling her closer to him. She slid her arms around his neck, and kissed him hard and full. He groaned and then pulled away from her. She looked a little startled. He cleared his throat.

"I, uh, have a few phone calls to make, and then we can go!"

"What about blood tests, a license...all of that ?"

He laughed.  "Details, Ma'am...details!! I'm the boat's XO. I’m a master at details! Give me an hour!"

Suddenly shy of him, she pulled the robe closed, and started to leave the room. She stopped in mid step... and she giggled a bit...With merriment in her eyes she looked at him and said, "I think I may have a bit of a problem, Chip. I don't seem to have anything to wear! and I do mean anything!! I can't get married in this robe of yours!!"

He smiled at her again, and she saw such love in those sky-blue eyes of his, she wanted to suddenly cry. No one had ever looked at her with that kind of a look....not even...No, today was going to be the happiest day of her life...she was in love with a man who loved her...loved her! and he wanted to marry her. Someone actually wanted to marry her...her, Matty Weaver.

Today was going to be her Wedding Day!!!' Chip calling her name brought the room back into focus. "Oh, sorry...yes?"

He laughed. "I said leave it to the master of details, to get you something to wear for your wedding, m'lady. Now go on and let me make these calls. If you're hungry, I think there may be something in the kitchen!"

She walked slowly down stairs to the kitchen. It was a very organized room, like the rest of the house. Chip Morton was a very organized person. Perhaps that's why he fit so well with Nelson and Crane. She found some bread, and luncheon meat and made herself a sandwich. She was suddenly ravenous, and she smiled to herself. Why, they hadn't had any dinner last night, and they had been ...busy! She made another sandwich and put it on the counter, and went into the living Room. As she surveyed the room, she shook her head slowly...

They had certainly made a mess here! She put her sandwich down on the coffee table and set about to straighten up the room.

Nearly an hour later, Chip came down stairs, searching for Matty. He looked into the kitchen, saw the sandwich on the counter, and picked it up, walking into the living room with it in hand. Matty had fallen asleep on the couch.

He stood in the doorway, and looked at her.

Damn, Morton, you're one very lucky son of a bitch! You're in love with an absolutely incredible woman, and she loves you!! She's going to marry you!!! She's definitely seen you at your worst! Hopefully also at your best. And she still said 'YES'! Damn, are you lucky! Somewhere the Gods of good fortune must be shining down on you.

He walked over to the couch and sat next to her. He bent his head down and kissed her gently, running his hand down the inside of the robe. It had fallen open as she slept, and he couldn't resist touching her warm, soft body..."Come on, Sleeping Beauty, it's your wedding day!"

She opened her eyes sleepily, "Oh, hi...sorry, I just sat down for a minute..."

He kissed her again, "It's all arranged." He checked his watch, "We have to be at the Mission Church of Santa Barbara in an hour. "

She sat up. "Oh! An hour? My clothes...Oh,no..clothes!!"

He put a hand on her arm... "Don't worry..." He paused. "The doorbell should ring about...now" As if on cue, the front bell rang. He was at the door in several long strides. She was still trying to wake herself up, and she heard the door close and saw him come back into the room with a large box. He gave her a courtly bow, and presented it to her. "I believe this is what you need, m'lady. "

She looked at him, surprised..

"Go ahead, open it!"

Like a child on Christmas Day, she tore open the box, and gasped..."Oh, my..Chip..!" in the box lay a white silk camisa blouse, double embroidered with white roses, and a long white silk skirt, also loose and full in the Mexican style. It too was heavy with embroidery. There were little white silk slippers, silken undergarments, and a finely woven white woolen 'rebozo' or shawl. It was all exquisite! She was speechless..."But how...?"

He smiled at her. "My secret! Don't you think that you'd better get dressed if we're to be to the church on time? Go ahead...use the master bedroom, it'll be yours to real soon." Holding the box tightly to her, she ran up the stairs.

When Matty came down the stairs 20 minutes later, she took a look at Chip and stopped short on the step. He looked magnificent. He was wearing a white silken Mexican wedding shirt, and white slacks. He was smiling broadly at her, and once again she saw all the love he had for her in those eyes . With his deep tan and blonde hair, and blue eyes, for just moment she thought she would faint. 'This incredibly magnificent man loved her. He was about to marry her! ' She missed a step on the stairs and almost stumbled, but caught herself as he started to move toward her. 'This has to be a dream!! if it is, it better not end!"

Chip heard Matty at the top of the steps and turned to look up. She was absolutely beautiful! The blouse rested on her shoulders, and clung to the curve of her breasts. It tapered into the waist of the long flowing skirt, and it floated as she walked down the stairs. She had the rebozo draped around her shoulders, and she wore no jewelry, but a tiny pair of golden studs in her ears. She had brushed one side of her hair up, and caught it with several small clips, and she let the other side fall loose... when she had stumbled he was at the stairs quickly and reached for her.

She held her hand out to him, and smiled..."I'm okay, Chip, I just caught my heel!'

He held her hand and waited until she was at the foot of the stairs.

"Chip, these clothes, they're so beautiful!!"

"So is the woman wearing them!" he kissed her and she laughed. 'Not now...We have to get to the church on time! We'll have plenty of time later!"

They went out to the garage and got into the car, opened the doors and drove off to the church.




When they arrived at the church Matty was in for more surprises, Lee Crane and Harriman Nelson were waiting for them. Both men were grinning broadly, as they waited for the couple at the side door of the church. Crane shook his best friends' hand,

Nelson leaned toward Matty and kissed her on the cheek "Welcome to our family, Matty. I am very happy for you and Chip. "

Lee also kissed her lightly on the cheek. "I'm happy for the both of you, Matty. Chip's waited a long time for someone as special as you!"

She was surprised by Nelson's open show of affection. He had changed since the last incident with Gamma, but he still was not often open with his feelings. She then noticed that both men were wearing their Dress Whites.

The reality hit her! She was going to marry Chip Morton in just a few minutes! Marry Chip!

Suddenly Chip was handing her a bouquet of long stemmed yellow roses, and a long clip of them for her hair. She fixed it in above hairclips, and then pulled the rebozo up and to the back of her head. Nelson extended an arm to her.

"With your permission Matty, I'd be honored to give away the Bride" She looked at Chip and he was beaming with pride.

"Thank you, sir." she said and slid her arm through his. They went to the front doors of the church and Lee and Chip went in the side doors. Suddenly the doors of the church opened and the Wedding march began. She looked down the aisle of the church and saw a sea of white. Interspersed were a few bright colors, here and there, and the church was full of people. She looked at Nelson, who was grinning broadly. He leaned his head towards her.

"Lee told Sharkey, and Francis told a few people...I gave the Institute the rest of the day off!'"

She looked at him with tears streaming down her face. "Oh, thank you Admiral!!'

In a voice that was suddenly husky with emotion, he said gruffly, "Well, it's not everyday that Seaview's Exec and one of my best electronics experts get married!' She gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he 'hrummphed' loudly. They began the walk down the aisle and Matty was aware of all the beaming faces, and most acutely, of the one waiting for her at the end of the very long aisle.

As the two friends went into the side door of the church, Chip turned to his best friend, "Lee, I can't begin to..."

"Don't bother, Chip. It's the least that I can do for my best friend and his lady.. I owe you more than I can begin to measure, and Matty, well, she's saved my life a few times since we've known her. It is the very least that I can do. I just hope that the two of you are very happy..." Crane's voice softened. "I think that Cathy and Matty would have been great friends..."

Morton clapped him on the back, "I do too,Lee" Crane grabbed his arm, "C'mon, Chip..." he smiled at Morton "Let's get you and Matty married!" he dug into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out two gold bands. "I Hope that this is what you wanted."

Morton looked at them carefully, and nodded, pleased. "Perfect, Lee." And when he looked at Crane he saw something else in his friend's eye. As they stood in the sacristy, Crane was a little ill at ease. Chip immediately came on the defensive "Ok, what's up, Lee?"

'Well Sharkey was in the office when you called and he heard the news and well, there are a few people in the church."

"A few...?"

"The crew, and..."

"And who...?"

"Most of the Institute staff. The O.O.M. gave them a half day off. He called a caterer. You and Matty are having a reception on the hill at the Institute!"

Chip was shocked into silence.

"He rented a tent and in his best Admiral voice told everyone that it had better be ready when we returned in an hour!"

Chip grinned, "Wish I'd seen him in action."

Crane agreed, "I have to admit that it was quite a sight!"

"So exactly how many people are out there?"

Crane shrugged, "I don't know... maybe 250 - 300?"

Morton rolled his eyes heavenward, "Matty didn't count on this!"

"Come on, Morton, she'll do fine. Probably pleasantly surprised." He reached behind the door of the small room, and pulled a garment bag from the back. "I brought this. If the Admiral and I got into these get ups for this event, that outfit that you're wearing is just too casual! Here's yours!" Chip cast a baleful eye at his best friend and commanding officer and then shrugged his shoulders and took the bag. In a few moments, he was standing next to Crane in his dress whites, looking as elegant as any Navy groom. "OK, Mr. Morton, let's go!"

They walked to the front of the altar as the music began to play. Chip looked down the aisle , and watched Matty as she came towards him. She was glowing on the Admiral's arm. Her beautiful face shining in soft light, tears of joy streaming down her face. Cameras flashed. Chip glanced at Crane, and Lee whispered, "the Admiral brought the whole photography department!" Chip shook his head in disbelief. Matty continued to smile at him as she got closer to the altar. Nelson and Matty stopped at the foot of the altar. The Admiral gave her light kiss on the cheek and placed her hand in Morton's. He smiled at the XO. "Be happy, the both of you!"

"Thank you, sir." they said as one, and then they moved to the steps in front of the priest . Nelson stepped into the first pew and sat down. The priest began to read the announcements and the vows to the couple. They couldn't take their eyes from each other. They repeated the vows as the priest said them. Lee handed them the rings, and they placed them on each others' finger.

And then the ceremony was over and they were kissing each other, and walking down the aisle, to the front doors of the Mission. There they met another surprise, There was an arch of swords for them to pass under, and at the foot of the steps stood a white, 1930's Rolls Royce, with Crane and Nelson at the doors! They stepped into the car and Crane was saying, "Now the two of you behave at least until the reception is over! See you at the Institute in 20 minutes.!" He winked at them and closed the door of the Rolls.

Matty finally let go of Chip's hand, and she sat back in the finely upholstered seat.

Chip was shaking his head in amazement, and asked her anxiously, "Are you sure you're alright with all of this? All I asked Lee for was a little help, I didn't know that he and the Admiral would do all this."

She laughed lightly, "It's beautiful, Chip...I couldn't have planned such a beautiful wedding if I had months to plan it. Thank you, my love! And this dress, where did you find this?"

He grew a bit more serious, "I have a confession to make there. It didn't come from me, it's from Lee."


"Lee sent it over when I told him of our plans. It was Cathy's. She bought it but never wore it. He couldn't bear to give it away when she died. He's kept it in the closet. When I told him of our plans, he offered it to me. I didn't think you'd mind..."

"Mind? How could I mind? It's absolutely exquisite! How very loving of him. He truly is a good friend!...We're very lucky to have friends like him and the Admiral!" There were tears in her eyes. "As if you didn't know that!"

He reached for her face and brushed away the tears that were forming. "Don't cry today, Angel...It's your Wedding day!" He kissed her gently.

"They're tears of joy, my love...tears of joy!! I never thought that I could be so happy...and I never dreamed in my wildest dreams of such a beautiful Wedding! Thank you Chip Morton, from the bottom of my heart!" She wrapped her arms around him and he lifted his arm and pulled her closer.

"I want to make you happy for the rest of our lives, Matty...I just hope that I can !" He kissed the top of her head, and held her close for the rest of the ride to the Institute.



By the time that the Rolls Royce pulled up the reception site, the party was already in full swing. Waiters were passing among the guests (and there were quite a few) with hors'd'ourves, and Champagne. Crewmen of the Seaview, mixed with members of the Institute Staff, laughing and joking. A six piece band played and there were couples dancing on a dance floor. Chip got out of the car and turned to help Matty out. She smiled at him and they turned to go and meet the guests. Crane saw them walking toward the crowd, and put his glass down and , signaled Nelson and the two of them walked toward the couple.

Matty dropped Chip's hand and went to Lee. She threw her arms around him and whispered in his ear "Thank you so very much, Lee. This is so beautiful! I will treasure it always."

"I knew that there was a reason that I couldn't give it away it... I wish you'd have known Cathy...I believe that You and she would have been friends."

She saw the pain that was still in his hazel eyes, as he spoke of his wife, "I think we would have been too!"She kissed him on the cheek, and turned to Chip, slipping her hand into his. The four of them spent a few seconds of silence together, and then Nelson spoke.

"I believe that we have to introduce this couple to their guests, Captain! "

They walked into the tent, and to the front of the band. Nelson took the microphone. He tapped twice and then in his best Command voice said" May I have your attention please"

All heads turned toward him. He cleared his throat, "That's better! I just want to say that I'm glad that you all were willing to take the afternoon off to celebrate this wedding with us!" There was a rippling laugh that moved through the crowd. "Actually, I just want to wish Chip and Matty the best of luck and all the happiness in the world. And I'm going to let Lee do the honors, now."

He handed the mike to Crane, who signaled to a waiter to bring champagne glasses to the four of them. Once they all had glasses, he held his high and said "I'd like to propose a toast to my friend and his wife. I've been blest with a good friend, and a great Executive officer in Chip Morton. We've been through a great deal together! He's seen me through some pretty hard times. I always hoped that he would find a special someone to share the little bit of time that he has away from the Seaview with. When I first met Matty, I wouldn't have thought that she was the one. But I was wrong, way wrong. Matty, I've seen you bring a light and joy to my friends life that I didn't expect to see there. You 've been with Chip through the worst of times, and all that I can wish the two of you is the Very Best of times from this day forward!" He raised hi glass in the toast, and Sharkey shouted.."To the Exec and his Bride!"

The crowd answered with a 'HEAR! HEAR!' and toasted the couple.



A number of hours later, Chip and Matty were sitting together at a small table and Lee came over to them, and sat. "How are the two of you doing?"

Matty smiled at him tiredly, "Hoping that we can leave, soon."

Lee placed a hand over hers. "Sooner than you think. There's two small bits of business and then we’ll spirit the two of you away!"

"Two bits of business, Lee?'

"That's right Chip, and as I see it, here's one now, Come on, center stage, you two!"

Two fairly large men were pushing a very large wedding cake into the center of the dance floor. When Matty saw it she gasped with delight. A huge grin spread across Chip's face. The cake was four tiers high, decorated in the most delicate of icing lace, sprinkled with yellow sugar roses and accents of yellow all around. But it was the top of the cake that drew everyone's attention. on the top tier was a replica of the Seaview done in sugar, and in a light silver color. Their were light blue waves, foaming around it, and on the sail were two figures, a man and woman in officer's white dress uniforms! Across the bow of the boat was a banner that said "Congratulations, Mr. Morton and Cdr., Weaver!"

There was a huge round of applause, as well as some catcalls, form the assembly, and Lee took the microphone from the band, and said, "Chip and Matty, when 'Cookie' and the galley crew heard the news, they wanted to do something special...I think they succeeded!" There was more applause. "And I think it's time for the bride and groom to cut the cake."

Matty reached for the microphone and Lee handed it to her.  "Before we do this, I just want to say something... I never thought that I would ever meet so many wonderful people in my service career. Nor did I ever dream that I would be so fortunate to meet and marry such a wonderful man. I'm not usually one to make speeches, or anything like that, but this has been a truly incredible day! And I want to thank Lee and the Admiral for making it so...and Cookie, the cake is out of this world!"

She handed Chip the mike. "I 'd like to second everything that Matty said and just to add my thanks to all of you for being here and making this such a special day!" He leaned over and kissed Matty and then they took the sword that had appeared and too a large slice into the cake, to the delight and amusement of the partygoers. A small pieces of the cake was cut and offered to them, which they dutifully fed to each other in front of everyone.

Lee took them by the arm and whispered something to them. He walked with them over to the edge of the tent. The Rolls pulled up and Lee signaled Nelson. He took the mike and said, "Ladies, I believe that the Bride is going to throw the bouquet." Matty stood on the running board of the car and Chip steadied her. She tossed a white throw away bouquet to the crowd, and then slipped into the car, followed by Chip Morton.



As they settled into the back seat of the Rolls, Chip loosened the collar of his uniform, Matty slid her arm through his.  "Thank you, my Love. I'll never forget this day!"

He let out a sigh, "Don't thank me, thank the Admiral and Lee! They put it all together!"

"But you asked me to marry you, Chip Morton! You got it all started! Thank you!" he gently pulled his arm from hers and wrapped it around her.

"You sound quite content... Mrs. Morton!"

"I am, Chip Morton, I am! Today has been more than a dream come true...It was a real life fantasy come true! And yes, I am content! You?"

"You don't have to ask, Matty. I never thought that I could be this happy, until I met you. And unlike my best friend, Lee Crane, I knew that you were something special, the moment that I met you on the boat! What Lee said was right, I've been waiting for you all of my adult life! And now, Matty, you are mine forever!"



As the party was winding down, Crane and Nelson sought seats away from the rest of the celebrants. The Admiral clapped Crane on the back as they sat, "Well, Captain - I have to say that this is a job well done!"

Crane smiled at his friend. " I think so, Admiral - Between the two of us, I think that we caught our Exec off guard!"

"Can't say that he didn't catch me by surprise with his request today!"

"After my visit to his house this morning, sir, I wasn't as surprised as I could have been."

Nelson quirked an eyebrow - "Oh?"

"Let's just say that I had a suspicion..."

Nelson took his glass and tapped it to Crane's "To Chip and Matty!"

"Long life and happiness!"




The car pulled up to the tiny cabin set like a jewel in the hillside. Behind it a host of trees at the edge of the woods behind it, in front a panoramic view of the Ocean. The driver got out and put the two suitcases inside the door and waited for Chip and Matty to get out as he held the car door.

"Sir, I have a message for you from Captain Crane. He asked me to give it to you when we arrived."


"He asked me to tell you the 'fridge is stocked, the fire's lit. There's a phone in the suitcase, a jeep behind the cabin - " he reached into his pocket and handed two keys to Chip - "These are the keys for the cabin and the jeep - He said to check the ice bucket, and to enjoy the your leave! He also said that you both are to report to the Admiral at 0930 on Monday." He gave them a smile and a tip of the and climbed into the car."

They watched him as he drove off and then turned to the cabin. They stepped onto the porch, and Chip scooped Matty into his arms and lifted her up and over the threshold.

He kissed her and said "Here we are, Angel!" and he kissed her again.

She returned it warmly, holding him more tightly to her. She slid to here feet, her arms still locked around his neck. Then she drew away gently and took his hand in hers to look around the room. He had kicked the door closed behind them and followed her lead. There were candles all around the room, everywhere- there was a fire burning in the large stone fireplace. A huge brass bed dominated the entire left side of the room, and it had large fluffy comforters turned down. On the fireplace and wine bucket, with a magnum of champagne icing in it, with two glasses on the brick beside it. Propped up against the glasses was a note. Matty bent over and picked up the note, smiling and handed it to Chip. She rested her hands on his shoulders as he read it.

Chip and Matty - Enjoy! Be Happy!
P.S. I promise - No pounding on doors until Monday AM.!

They looked at each other and laughed heartily. As they recovered from the laughter, she said to him, "This is a lovely little cabin, Chip - Lee is so thoughtful...How did he arrange all this?"

Chip looked at her and said "Don't want to know and don't think I'm gonna ask!" He bent down and took the champagne bottle, and popped the cork.. He then poured the sparkling wine into the slender glasses, handed her one, and then twined his arm around hers.

"Mrs. Morton...Thank You for saying 'yes' and becoming my wife...You make my life complete!" They each took a sip of the wine.

"Chip Morton - I love you - You make my life complete! Thank you for becoming my husband!"

They drained their glasses, and he took them and put them down next to the ice bucket. He looked at her and, in a voice now husky with emotion, said to her, "Don't move. Stand there and let me..."

She stood still as his hands caressed her shoulders and neck. She trembled slightly at his touch, suddenly nervous with him. 'Shh- relax, Angel...we're no different than we were this morning - don't be nervous." His voice was soft and soothing and she felt her nervousness pass. Their eyes met, blue and turquoise locking, linking, reaching into each other's souls. He kissed each shoulder, and then ran his fingers down to the edge of her blouse. Gently he hooked his fingers into the top of the sleeves of the blouse and, and slid the silken garment down to her waist, leaving her upper body bare to him. She held her breath as he brushed each rosy nipple with his fingertips, and then slowly traced circles on each breast. His fingers trailed down to her waist, and slid his fingers into the waistband of the skirt. Gently caressing her hips and buttocks, he let the skirt and her other garments slide into a pool of silk at her feet. She stood there surrounded by golden light form the fire and the candles. He stepped back and gazed at her. "You are beautiful, Matty!" He extended his hands to her and she placed hers in his and moved toward him. They kissed, his hands exploring her body, she pressing herself toward him.

"Wait!" she said as she began to unfasten the buttons on his uniform, "These hurt" She giggled. She made fast work of the jacket and soon it lay on the floor with her things. Moments later, his pants joined them. They stood slightly apart from one another, hands joined, fingers locked, drinking in each other. Then they moved toward each other, seeking to become one. Their kisses, ardent and deep, sharing the essences of each other - Their hands, touching, exploring becoming more familiar with each other's body. Their bodies moving, pressing, passionately seeking to become one. He took her hand and led her to the bed. She smiled at him and whispered, hoarsely, "A bed! What a novel concept!" He silenced her with a kiss, pressing her body down into the bed. Her arms encircled him and she drew him towards her. They continued to explore each other, using hands and mouths, pushing each other beyond the boundaries of flaming ardor. Finally, when they could wait no longer, he entered her, and with slow, and steady strokes brought her to the brink of her satisfaction, and then drove her over. He quickly joined her with crest after crest of pounding pleasure until they lay there in each others arms, exhausted, and fulfilled.



Chip woke in the early hours of the morning. He took several minutes to let his eyes adjust to the surroundings. The fire had burned itself to a rosy pile of embers, the candles long sputtered out. He looked at the woman that lay beside him. He was an incredibly lucky man! He reached over and pulled her closer to him. She sighed softly in her sleep. He wrapped his arms tightly around her, kissed her shoulder softly and then he too slept, more content than he ever dreamed possible!



Matty woke to bright sunlight streaming into the cabin., and strong arms encircling her. As she moved, the arms tightened, and a voice whispered softly, " 'Morning, Angel. Sleep well?' "

"Mmmnnn....what do you think?"

He brushed her shoulder with a kiss. "Come closer and let me say 'good morning' in the right way!"

She laughed softly and reached for him, "Good Morning, husband mine!" and she kissed him warmly. Then she rolled away from him, and stood next to the bed and stretched. "It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day!!. Don't be a slug-a-bed! Come on! get out of the bed! " she reached over for him and tried to pull his arm, and found herself being pulled down by strong arms, that rapidly encircled her. "I don't think so, commander, at least not yet!"

He kissed her, and his growing ardor began to fuel hers. She struggled with him half-heartedly, and then finally gave into his desires, rolling herself into the bed and into his arms. She began to kiss him as warmly as he had kissed her. She pushed him onto his back and began to run her hands over his body, slowly stroking those sensitive parts that she had discovered . He groaned with pleasure at her ministrations.

"You are a wanton woman!" he said huskily, and pulled her toward him. His hands roamed all over her body, playing it like a finely tuned instrument. When they finally came together in crashing climax they fell back and lay quiet for a few moments.

Matty got up from the bed first. She gave Chip a quick kiss and went towards the door, for the suitcases that had been left there the night before. She quickly grabbed a shirt and shorts from her bag, shrugged into them, and asked him.

"Do you want anything from yours?"

"If you see jeans…?"

She grabbed them from his bag and tossed then to him. He grabbed at them and in minutes was standing next to her.

She kissed him and said, "Let's see what Lee had the 'fridge stocked with! I'm starved!"

He put an arm around her waist. "Me too!" and as he nuzzled at her neck, "But What I have in mind isn't in the refrigerator!"

She slapped him playfully. "Chip Morton, behave yourself!"

He laughed at her, "Why should I, you're my wife!"


She moved into the small kitchen area and opened the refrigerator door.

Chip let out a low whistle. "What'd Lee think we were going to do, entertain the entire crew!"

She started to laugh., when she saw the look on Chip's face. "Relax, my love...we won't be having any visitors. Lee promised! He just wanted to be sure we were ok!" She bustled about, fixing a few things and he joined her.

They worked together in companionable silence, and then moved to the small table in front of the fire. Chip stirred the embers and put a few logs on it, and soon the fire was again alive. They sat together, and ate the few things they'd prepared, and when they were finished Matty rested her head against his shoulder. She looked at the pile of clothes that they'd left last night, and reached for the blouse, fingering it gently.

"Lee really loved Cathy, didn't he?"

Chip sighed," I've never seen two people so much in love." He kissed the top of her head, "until us! " He held her closer. "It was instant fireworks. Cathy was always on the attack. She couldn't stand for anyone to be or do less than their best whether it was the Admiral of the lowliest crewman. She just wouldn't allow it. And she and Lee were always at it! Over one thing or another, on the boat or at the Institute! The two of them enjoyed it that way. They almost didn't get married. Cathy had gotten mad at Lee for not staying in touch and went and got engaged to someone she met at the Officer's club. She came on the boat to tell Lee, and a whole series of things took place. Turned out the guy was a mole and was planted on the boat to hijack her. Obviously he didn't succeed, and right after that the two of them decided to get married. It just took them a long time to realize what they wanted. When Cathy was pregnant with Robert, we were sent on a mission, and Lee was captured by enemy agents and almost died. Cathy was frightened beyond belief, and we were afraid we were going to lose Lee and the baby. Robert changed their lives. Cathy adored being a mother and Lee adored the two of them. Lee and I, we've known each other since the Academy and I'd never seen him so happy! ...Then Cathy died... She was here when we berthed and came aboard to look for Lee. She gave me the baby, he's my Godson, and was on the boat trying to find him. She had to drag him off, but they were so happy when they left here." He paused and took a deep breath. "And then ... she was dead.... Gone.... "

Matty brushed his face gently to with her hand, "I'm so sorry, my love...It must have been so terrible!"

He sighed again... "It was.. We all thought we would lose Lee then. Nothing mattered to him! When a mission came up, that had to begin right on the day of the funeral, Lee took it, and it was almost as if he didn't care if he came back.... He still doesn't sleep well, I can see that on the boat. He's still finding it hard, all these months later to get on without her. I believe that if Robert wasn't so much like Cathy, it would even be worse for him." He pulled her closer to him and hugged her tightly.. "Don't ever leave me, Matty... Until I met you I didn't have a clue how Lee really felt! I do now! Don't ever leave me!"

"I'll do my best, dearest love, I'll do my best!" She wrapped her arms tightly around him and returned his hug. They sat there, quietly, for a long time just holding one another, and watching the fire. Matty fell asleep on Chip's shoulder, and he watched her for the longest time, as she slept, until he also dozed.



Their time alone together passed quickly, and it was soon time to return to the Institute and the real world. The evening before they were to return to work, they left the cabin for Santa Barbara. Their plans included closing up her apartment and moving her things into his house on Officers' Row. But they planned to do it slowly. There was no reason to rush her things to his( now their) home. Matty didn't have too many things. Her lifestyle in the last few years had made her very spartan in accumulating things. On the other hand, Chip's home was complete. Although he spent very little time there, at least until recently, it was completely furnished and decorated. All Matty had to do was to move her personal items into the house, and she would be set!

And it was a wonderful house. He told her that she could do whatever she wanted to it, but she didn't want to change much. In truth, she loved his taste. The entire house was simply, but elegantly furnished. And she liked it that way. There was very little she would change.

They reached the front of the house, and Chip pulled the Jeep into the driveway. They both got out and he waited as she came around the Jeep, and took her hand, as they walked to the front door. He put the key in the lock and turned to her, "Welcome home, Mrs. Morton.." He kissed her and lifted her into his arms, and carried her over the threshold of the house.

"That has a lovely sound, Mr. Morton. Home...Its' been a long time since I've felt that there was a place for me to call home!.. Thank you, my darling, thank you!"

"Now it truly is a home, Matty!" he set her on her feet, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him ardently. He returned her kiss, and she looked at him with turquoise eyes turning smoky with passion. Her hands traced a path down his chest and, she began to unfasten the buttons of his shirt, one at a time.

He grabbed at her hands and held them for a moment, kissing one palm and then the other, and then kissed her and gently led her up the stairs to the Master bedroom...

When they entered the bedroom they were met by a final surprise, in a week that had been full of surprises. There were candles, lit, all over the room and on the dresser, a bottle of champagne in a wine cooler, two glasses and a note.. Matty dropped Chip's hand and reached for the note. She leaned into his shoulder and read it aloud, her smile growing larger as she read..

Welcome Home!
Hope that the week was a good one! Thought that you might enjoy this tonight!
See you both at 0930! Lee"

"Chip...how did he know...?'

"Beats me! I guess that he just took a chance...Look at the candles, they haven't been burning too long!"

She turned to look at her husband, a seductive smile on her face...she kissed him warmly and placed her hands back on his chest, continuing to unfasten the shirt buttons, and then she pushed it of his shoulders, and down his arms and let it drop onto the floor. She then began to slowly remove her shirt as well, peeling it off slowly over her head and dropping it to the floor next to his. She took two steps toward him, took his hands and placed them on her breasts. His fingers began to stroke them, gently in ever widening circles. She sighed with pleasure and pressed against him. He kissed her and began to explore her sweet mouth as he continued to caress her breasts. She slid her arms down his back and rested her hands on his waist. She moved her hands to the front of his jeans and undid the waist. Sliding her hands into the pants, she grasped his taut buttocks, pushing his jeans downward as she pulled him to her. He responded by doing the same for her. His hands brushed her silken buttocks and stroked her back, and he pulled her towards him, as she stepped out of her shorts. Their hands continued to caress and stroke one another, their mouths continued to taste and explore, as they slowly drew one another to the bed. Chip grasped Matty and gently eased her down on the bed.

He bent over her, and continued kissing her, his kisses moving downward along the soft curve of her neck, and along her shoulders until he reached her breasts and he lightly kissed one and then the other. Her hands were playing all over his body, stroking, and caressing him, bringing him to higher and higher pinnacles of desire.

Aroused by his increasing ardor, she writhed beneath him sensuously, only increasing their mutual need more. When they both could wait no longer, he plunged into her warm, silky wetness and rode her to higher peaks until the both came together in a kaleidoscopic burst of light that drained them and left them exhausted. He pulled her closer to him, and held her tightly in his arms. She curled her body into his, and as she drifted off to sleep, heard him whisper softly,

"You're home, now, Matty. You're home!"







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