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Stuart (Stu) Riley

Stu Riley, 6', blonde hair, blue eyes, and the youngest of the crew of the SSRN Seaview.

He enlisted in the Navy right after High School, and after serving four years, the last two on subs, he was drafted by Lee Crane to join the crew of the Seaview. Riley's 'specialty' is music, surfer music and surfer jargon. His training specialties, however, are in the hydrometer and fathometer.  He is also a Master Diver, which accounts for his inclusion in most of the missions outside of the boat not requiring the Deep Water Dive Team. He has also been certified to fly the Flying Sub and has done so on several missions where the senior officer was incapacitated.

Stu has brought a different perspective to the Crew's Quarters, particularly with his rather laid-back attitude.  In as such, he has been known to stow his surfboard on the boat in an accessories locker, along with his guitar, much to the chagrin of COB Frances Sharkey and Commander Chip Morton, the XO, and yet to the amusement of both Captain Lee Crane and Admiral Harriman Nelson.  When there is loud music coming from the Crew's Mess, the odds are that Riley is at the root of it.  Morton doesn't like Riley's musical tastes, and makes no bones about letting everyone know how he feels.  While he is glad that there have been times that Riley's musical acumen has been valuable (Crane's Venice escapade comes to mind immediately), he has no tolerance of Riley's music.

After the addition of Captain Karen Davis and her daughter, Caitlin Davis, to the Institute 'family', Riley took it upon himself to act as a watchful 'big brother' over the younger Ms. Davis.  He often provided 'brotherly' advice, when asked for, to her and made sure that she stayed out of trouble.

Riley never married, but did have a daughter from a relationship with one young woman, Kara.  They remained close, and Stu supported his daughter, Seana, both financially and emotionally, until she turned 18, and moved in with him, as she prepared to enter the Navy, and become a master diver, like her father.


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