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William Ashcroft Judd, Jr.
Head of the First American Militia (FAM)

William Ashcroft Judd, Jr., 6'4, white hair, brown eyes, athletically fit, and has an overwhelmingly, magnetic personality.


He is the head of the First American Militia (FAM), a right wing militia group dedicated to the overthrow of the Unites States government, initially founded by Judd's father, ex-Marine Corps General William Judd, Sr.


Decades earlier, the elder Judd kidnapped, beat, and held for ransom Admiral Harriman Nelson.  The FAM intended to use Harriman Nelson as an example of what their power and support was, and furthermore, planned to kill him to make that point.  Lee Crane and Chip Morton, with the aid of Karen Davis, a mission specialist at the Nelson Institute at the time, affected a rescue.  Davis had contacted Michael Briggs, demanded, and received from him, the use of a specialized and heavily armored helicopter for the mission.  The rescue was successful; however, General Judd was killed by Karen Davis as he tried to kill his former hostage.  The younger Judd was not at the Compound at the time.  He arrived much later and found his father dead.  There were a few survivors and they, in turn, enlightened the young man about the events.  He then swore a vendetta against the NIMR and everyone there, particularly Karen Davis, whom he held personally responsible for the death of his father.


The young Judd was, in reality, the result of a liaison that his father had with one of many women.  General Judd was known as quite a ladies' man and was never without female companionship.  Doing what he thought was necessary, the senior Officer gave the boy his name, however, he did not marry the mother. When the woman died in a mysterious automobile accident when the child was two years old, Judd Senior took him into his home to raise.


At five, the child was sent to the first of several right wing, elitist Military schools, where he spent all of  his grammar and High School years, coming home only at holidays and on two week summer leave. For the rest of the time, he spent only occasional time with his father,  but that time was not wasted in the eyes of the elder Judd.


When his son was 13, the General introduced him to women, beginning and later furthering his ‘education’ in the finest bordellos available as well as with the finest prostitutes he could pay for. The boy lacked for nothing when it came to the opposite sex and his needs. By the time he was 18, and attending the Citadel, William Ashcroft Judd, Junior had become a covert sexual predator, driven by urges and needs that far surpassed his classmates, who often lacked the sophistication and knowledge of life that he had. He had the looks, the magnetic charmed personality, access to money, and the power to take whatever he wanted, often without question or repercussion.  And he did just that, cleaning up after himself carefully, so as to leave no one with anything permanent of his, living or dead.


By the time he 'inherited' control of the FAM, albeit at a young age, he knew who he was and what he wanted. And he knew just how he was going to get it. His politics were not just that of his father’s; they were, in fact, more extreme.  Although he sought the overthrow of the US Government, his tactics and power base were much larger. He had no compunction using people of other nationalities, unlike his father. He sought control, nothing less than total control, and to his mind, the means most definitely justified the end.


In association with his quest for power was his desire to destroy everything associated with Karen Davis, Harriman Nelson, and the NIMR.  The one exception to this was his obsession with Caitlin Davis Crane.  From the time that Caitlin and Karen arrived at the Institute, he observed and photographed her, though the real target under his father’s surveillance was Harriman Nelson.  Although he decided that he has to possess Caitlin, at whatever the cost, he has not lost sight of his true goals.  He took his first steps in implementing his plans by kidnapping Lee Crane and his son, when Robert was a First year Midshipman at the Academy, stranding them adrift in a small boat.  The following year, he masqueraded as a business man and made his way into the circle of the Institute, where he attacked and nearly raped Caitlin and shot Lee Crane.


Although he will not stop until the Institute is destroyed, and the 'family' of Harriman and Karen Nelson are completely devastated, the ultimate goal of the FAM still remains domination and control of the government of the United States of America, with William Ashcroft Judd, Jr. at the head.

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