A Fantasy…


Linda Delaney


I stood at the kitchen sink, wrapped in his dark blue terry robe. I was sipping a cup of coffee, and thinking. Thinking about the man that was in the bed in the other room. He was here for only a brief time, a 24 hour leave. He’d called me and told me he would be coming last night. He arrived late, after 2400. He was tired, but I was so glad to see him. His dark, curly hair was even curlier in the misty rain. He wore only his black sweater, and jeans and he carried a small duffel.

When I opened the door, he bent down, and wrapped his long arms around me and drew me into a long, passionate kiss, that left me breathless. That this incredible man loved me was still beyond my comprehension! I had prepared a light dinner, but he had other things on his mind as his kiss told me. We had gotten very little sleep, but then when I am with him, I don’t want to lose one precious minute of time to sleep. There is just so much to think about… I jump, and drop my cup into the sink, as two strong arms encircle my waist.

A soft voice drawls in my ear, "So, this is where my robe went! I was wondering…" and he laughed, that warm, sexy laugh. His hands release the belt on the robe, and slowly slide to my breasts. His long slender fingers stroke the nipples gently, and I shiver with the electricity that his touch brings. I sigh with pleasure, and he lowers his lips to my shoulders, and begins to trail light kisses along my shoulder to my neck. I tilt my head back to meet his face, and his lips meet mine, probing gently.

I turn to him, and he eases the robe from my shoulders, and I stand there, naked as he. His hands are like fire, re-igniting the flames that we but banked a short while ago. He pulls me closer, and I reach and run my hands over his back, his taut buttocks. His chest against my breasts is a warm and inviting, and as his hands travel all over my body, I feel the desire, no, the lust for having him inside of me but yet again. Perhaps there is something wrong with me, but I can never get enough of him! His hazel eyes glow when he looks at me, there is a sparkle there that never seems to dim. He pulls me even closer to him, and I want to be part of him, to be one with him, a part of his soul. He kisses me, his tongue probing, still exploring me…even after all this time, he runs his hands through my short brown hair, and softly calls my name. I whisper his… "Lee… Lee…"

He lifts me, continuing to kiss me as he carries me to the bed room, and gently lays me on the bed. His hands stroke, and caress my body for the hundredth, or is it the thousandth time. He is playing me like a fine string instrument, bringing waves of pleasure with each touch. He is thinking of me, of my satisfaction, which is the way he always is when we make love. His hands find his way to my groin, and those long slender fingers begin to play with my being. Oh god! What his fingers do to me! The waves of pure pleasure!!! And I am wet, so wet! I want him in me, now!

I moan with pleasure, small cries of delight. His long fingers find their way inside of me, sensuously sliding in and out. My body gives over to the rhythm, the pounding in my heart and mind are almost beyond bearing! And then, he rises above me, and slides into me, and I rejoice with the feel of him. He is long and hard, and I fell like he is tearing me apart with the pure ecstasy of the moment. My body meets his, matching thrust for thrust. His kisses are fierce and demanding, as are mine. The crescendo of feeling is reaching a peak… I stand at the precipice, teetering, and then, with a thrust, I am over, falling into an endless tunnel, with multi-colors of blues, yellows and greens flashing around me, until darkness takes me in its warm arms.

When I wake, the wetness between my legs tells me that he, too, has come. I lay, cradled in his arms, his hands gently stroking my back. I love this man, this submarine Captain. I can do nothing to keep him with me always, but I wish I could…how I wish I could…








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