The Kiss


Linda Delaney


The party was ending, the music slow and dreamy. The holidays were once again in full swing, but to the couple on the dance floor, all of it was unimportant. They were caught in the moment, the music, the dreamlike setting of the room. Romance? No… not at all, at least one of the couple would deny that. But then again, that partner was always in denial. 


He pulled her closer, his hand drifting from the small of her back to the rise of her buttocks; her arm around his lean waist, pulling him tighter against her body. Her other hand, clasped in his, tightened as he pulled her closer. She sighed, her head resting on his chest listening to the steady, strong beat of his heart.


He bent his head, inhaling the fragrance of her hair. He was so aware of her, of the softness of her skin, the sweetness of her fragrance, the easy way that she ‘fit’ him, dancing. He held her, knowing that this moment would end, knowing that all too soon the sweetness would pass. But, perhaps, this time, perhaps the spell would not break…


They became aware of the silence around them, regretfully acknowledging the music had indeed stopped. They stopped the soft swaying of their bodies; he looking down into her blue eyes, she looking into his amber hazel ones, the both of them being drawn to the other…


She stood, raising her head to his and he bent his head to hers, lips brushing slightly. Each sought permission in the other’s eyes, and seeing that permission and more, touched lips together, this time, gently seeking. As their lips pressed together, she parted hers slightly, giving him an invitation to enter. Hesitating, he entered her mouth, tasting at once the mix of salt and sweet, and intrigued, entered further. 


She welcomed him, her tongue poised to meet his, and go further.  She tasted the strength of the drink he had had, the mix of that and other tastes, intriguing her. The kiss deepened, the two of them discovering each other, the moment frozen in time. Her heart raced, her mind blurred with the thought that he was kissing her…


His heart was racing, his mind driving out all thoughts but one, that she was kissing him. She was  sweet, so sweet, and she was kissing him.


They were so involved in one another, that neither was aware of the small knot of people that had gathered around. They knew nothing of what was around them, their only awareness of one another, and the jumble of emotions that this simple physical act was causing…


‘Could it be… does he really care for me, about me? Does he mean this kiss…?’


‘Could it be… does she really care for me, about me? Does she mean this kiss…?’


They stopped, slowly withdrawing from one another. Their foreheads touching, hands dropped to the sides….


“Merry Christmas, Lee…” she whispered.


“Merry Christmas, Caitlin… Merry Christmas, indeed…”










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