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Matty Weaver Morton
Head of Electronics Division, NIMR

Matty Weaver was born Matilda Dorcis Weaver in Eureka, California.  Her give name was something she shed as soon as she was able to, leaving her name simply 'Matty', which she made her legal name as soon as she was able to. 


Her parents died within a year of one another and left her, at 18, an orphan.  Rather than move in with relatives, she sold their house and moved to Sausalito, enrolled in college, and took ROTC as an aid with her college finances.  Finding that she liked the idea of the Navy as a career, she opted for the Navy track in the ROTC training, and graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in electronics and the rank of an ensign.


Six months after graduation she met David DePiero, an ONI agent, and the first man that she would truly love.  She and David were together for six years before he suffered a massive heart attack and died.  Matty was devastated by her loss, and when ONI called her because of her electronics work, she readily volunteered.  At that time in her life, she had nothing to lose and the ONI work kept her on the edge at all times.


It was through her work that she came to Seaview and met Chip Morton.  Assigned as a special agent to the boat, because of her knowledge of Dr. Gamma and his work, she and her partner, Jess Burke, were sent to work with Nelson and company to stop the evil scientist.


That mission ended successfully and she soon found herself again with Crane and company on a mission to rescue Morton and Nelson from Dr. Gamma, some months later.  Because of Crane's actions at the time, he was about to be court-martialed, and Matty introduced her JAG friend, Captain Sandra Murray, who saved the Captain of the Seaview from a long term in Leavenworth.


As Morton recovered from his injuries, he and Matty found themselves being drawn to one another, as Nelson had offered her a job at the Institute, which she had readily accepted.


Chip had proposed, and arranged a wedding in a matter of hours, and they were married that same day.  They have three children together, and Matty has been as committed to Nelson's dream as the rest of the Institute family.

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