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Jane Daffron and Linda Delaney welcome you to their version of Irwin Allen’s Premier TV Series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Seatm.  What began as a highly successful feature film in 1961, became the staple of Irwin Allen's TV empire. Starring Basehart, Hedison and Dowdell, the series premiered on September 14, 1964, and went onto a four year run, the longest of all of Irwin's series. When the series ended in 1968, 110 episodes made it the longest running Sci-fi show on network TV at that time, and it remained that way until recent years.


With the advent of the Internet and Cable TV, older series have gained new audiences, and the genre of Fan Fiction, long the stronghold of the hardcopy fanzines, came to the internet with a vengeance.  Young and old have tried their hand at writing stories about the series, spawning new websites with a wealth of stories about the Seaview and her crew.

So now, where does all of this leave us, you ask?

It leads to our version of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  It is, for all intents and purposes, a more recent, more realistic, grittier, and yes, at times, a much more romantic and titillating Voyage than the original ever was or could be.  Is it better?  That’s for you, as the reader, to decide.  We acknowledge that there are those who prefer stories written true to the ‘original.’  To that end, there are stories presented here that are in that genre.

However, be prepared.  To paraphrase a TV and radio advertisement...

“This is not your 1960s Voyage
This is a 21st Century Voyage.”

So…come join us.


Adm. Harriman Nelson Cmdr. Lee Crane Lt. Cmdr. Chip Morton
(Richard Basehart) (David Hedison) (Robert Dowell)
The Senior Staff of the SSRN Seaview



Voyage continues as the families of Harriman Nelson, Lee Crane, and Chip Morton, along with many new faces, take us into the new Millennium of the NIMR, with a new boat and exciting new adventures.

The future begins now...


Chip Morton found!

Mr. Robert Dowdell, long remembered and loved as Lt. Cdr. Chip Morton, has rejoined the crew after a long absence


On Friday, April 23, 2004, David Hedison, Terry Becker, Del Monroe, & Allan Hunt came together for the first time in nearly 40 years at the Chiller Con in Secaucus, NJ.

 Click here for pictures of the
 1st Voyage Reunion.

During the first years of Voyage, David Hedison wrote a character sketch (biography) of Commander Lee Crane.  However, Mr. Allen destroyed it and advised him not to interfere with his writers.  Our bio of Crane, however, has met with David's approval.

Lani speaks
A note from Vitina Marcus

Underwater Adventures with the Crew of the Seaview
Linda A. Delaney
July 2009

The SSRN Harriman Nelson has been visualized!
Thanks to Diego Campos, we now have his interpretation of what the new sub might look like




Oldies but goodies!
Past articles, too good to forget, now reside in

The Archives


When doing research at the UCLA library, we came across what we think is a bit of a gem.  In the folder for Eleven Days to Zero, we happened upon what is commonly referred to as a 'Writer's Guide,' the outline that explains what the show is supposed to be about and contains all sorts of information (bios, locales, style, themes, do's and do not's, etc.) for any/all writers involved.

In addition, IA put together a Story Synopsis Booklet that he used to help sell the first season to ABC.   Together, they give a good picture of where Voyage was going when it was originally conceived.  If you click on the links, it will take you to them and we hope that you find them enlightening and fun!


Two published authors, Carol Bugge and Roger Thompson, are both Voyage fans.  They have written essays on different aspects of the show.  Professor Thompson gives his thoughts on Admiral Harriman Nelson in comparison to real US Navy Admirals, while Ms. Bugge, a writer of mysteries, shares her views on Voyage and the characters she enjoys.

What Voyage Means to Me by Carol Bugge

Nelson:  A Character Sketch, by Roger Thompson

Please take time to read both of their wonderful exposes.



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